Brahman Hills Gardens

Brahman Hills Gardens
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Where Dreams Begin

Follow the pathway through our landscaped gardens to a place where your dreams begin and reality fades away.

A magical place

Our labour of love over lockdown has born fruit… and some veg, and herbs and loads of fragrant blossoms. That’s right! It is our pleasure to present the Brahman Hills’ pleasure gardens to you. We are hoping you find them as beautiful and utterly rewarding as we do.

magical place

The landscaping is given dimension and interest thanks to the tiered terraces and multi-level flower beds. Shady pergolas are dotted along the structured pathways that lead to the central focal points.

Experience the magic of the rolling hills of the Midlands at Brahman Hills. Our landscape is ever changing and offers a naturally tranquil setting no matter the time of day or year.


The garden is a sensory delight: the lush green foliage offsets the bursts of blue, purple and delicate pinks. With the gentle splash of water and the peaceful setting, it’s an idyllic spot to be.

Not only is the garden a pleasure to amble around, but it also serves an essential function. Aside from the ornamental planting scheme, the design also includes an extensive kitchen garden which is used to supplement the Brahman Hills kitchen.

Sensory, ornamental and essential

Take a breath of fresh air

Escape from the hustle and bustle to our calming magical gardens, refresh your mind and renew your senses in our exquisite landscape.


Water is essential to life and growth, at Brahman Hills all our sewage and irrigation were built in-house with a sophisticated purification process that filters back to the dam to be used for our irrigation. This water is clean enough to drink by the time it’s cycled through our system.


At Brahman Hills we believe in sustainability in everything we do. Our aim is to keep materials in use for as long as possible to minimise waste and its impact on our planet.


Solar power is essential to stay as eco-conscious as possible, we continuously strive to minimise our carbon footprint by generating energy with our solar power system.


Your family and safety is our top priority therefor we believe in continuously adapting and evolving our security protocols. Relax and unwind while we take care of you.


You can also add full-time beekeepers to our list of skills as we care for 16 beehives on-site and we extract over 200 liters of raw honey for our kitchen. The gardens provide the bees a safe, pesticide free environment to pollinate and thrive.


We love to leave our guests with a happy story to tell. And each of their stories adds to ours. So have a read through some of the real adventures at Brahman Hills and then come and live an adventure of your own.

What a gorgeous spot. The garden is huge and well kept. A wedding was on at the time of our visit. The setup was unreal. The staff were polite, kind and super friendly and were so eager to show us the place.

Fine dining is offered downstairs and a little more casual dining upstairs. Views of the garden is offered both upstairs and downstairs.

Pasqualina Wallas

We had such a wonderful time and we would like to express our big compliments and gratitude to Onwaba who made our stay such an enjoyable experience. It is a very rare skill and character to find someone so passionate and so caring. We wish your hotel and Oni all the best for the years to come!

Marina & Anton

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